Which countries is Shopify available in?


🥷 Josefina Hamilton | Answered October 25, 2021 |

  • Australia.
  • Belgium.
  • Colombia.
  • France.
  • Hong Kong SAR.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.
  • Ireland.
Shopify Payments is available only to stores in certain countries and regions. With Shopify Payments you’re automatically set up to accept all major payment methods as soon as you create your Shopify store. Use the following list to find out if Shopify Payments is available in the country where your business operates:

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Can I use Shopify in Nigeria?

🥷 Tami Oliver | Answered June 18, 2020

The launch of this payments gateway means that Nigerian online retailers on Shopify will now be able to accept payments from anyone, anywhere in the world, using local and international payment methods.14 Nov 2016

How do I add countries and regions on Shopify?

🥷 Amelia Padilla | Answered February 14, 2021

Under Store settings, tap Payments.
  1. In the Shopify Payments section, click Manage.
  2. In the Countries/regions section, click Add country/region.
  3. Select the country or region that you want to support from the list of supported countries and regions.
  4. Click Add country/region.

Does Shopify ship worldwide?

🥷 Anita Robinson | Answered February 24, 2020

When you buy your shipping labels through Shopify Shipping, you’ll be provided with the necessary customs documentation needed to fulfill international shipments. The correct customs paperwork required for an international shipment can vary by country.2 Jul 2020

Is Shopify available in India?

🥷 Ernestine Guzman | Answered July 22, 2020

750 per month. Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform that anyone can use to create and power online stores, has announced its entry into the e-commerce market space in India in partnership with SingTel, by launching Shopify.in.22 Jun 2013

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Is Shopify available in Ghana?

🥷 Guadalupe Evans | Answered February 4, 2021

Ways to accept payments in Ghana 🇬🇭

Try Shopify for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business.

Can I open a Shopify store in Ghana?

🥷 Phyllis King | Answered January 9, 2020

Paystack has announced a direct integration to Shopify for businesses in Ghana. You can now accept payments via cards and Mobile Money from your Ghana Shopify store.6 Agu 2020

How do I accept payment in Nigeria?

🥷 Amy Clarke | Answered December 21, 2021

  1. 9 Payment Gateways You can use to Accept Payment on Your Website. In this post, you’ll find out 9 Payment Gateways in Nigeria you can use to accept payments online. …
  2. VoguePay. …
  3. CashEnvoy. …
  4. Paystack. …
  5. rave by Flutterwave. …
  6. InterSwitch Web Pay. …
  7. Amplify Pay. …
  8. PayU.

How do I make my Shopify store International?

🥷 Kelley Miles | Answered July 18, 2020

If you run a Shopify store, it doesn’t take long to take your store from local to global.

Take control of your international pricing (requires Shopify Payments)
  1. Start by exporting the products you want to set international prices for, and open the . …
  2. Scroll across to where you see the international pricing headers.
1 Mar 2021

Can I sell to multiple countries on Shopify?

🥷 Virginia Blair | Answered June 8, 2020

Of course, you could create just two countries, or ten—it’s up to you. So far, the most successful companies I’ve have worked with have 2 to 6 localized shops. You want to create a balance between making the stores easy to manage and maximizing your total number of customers.29 Mar 2022

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