Is Meesho a trusted site?


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🥷 Ada Josefina | Answered December 9, 2021 |

Meesho is a reliable apparatus from where you can earn some money with your indulgence. The payments are made instantaneously and such payments are safe and secure. You need to sell their products and start earning commission decided by the sellers. You will have to download their apparatus using your ID.16 Jul 2019

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Is Shopify a safe site?

🥷 Wendy Sarah | Answered May 7, 2021 |

Shopify is safe and legit. They are a publicly traded company with huge investments in software & security engineering. There are a ton of factors that go into website speed, but, since Shopify can handle speed & security at a “global” platform level – they can do it especially well.

How do I know if a Shopify store is legit?

🥷 Ernestine Rose | Answered December 9, 2020 |

How can I tell if an ecommerce website is genuine?
  1. Contact details. A legitimate store will have contact details on its site. …
  2. Customer feedback. Take a look on the website to see if there are any customer reviews about the products or the company. …
  3. Whois lookup. …
  4. Website encryption measures. …
  5. Google Safe Browsing. …
  6. Look and Feel.

Is Meesho a Chinese company?

🥷 Stacey Viola | Answered October 2, 2020 |

Meesho is a platform in India that allows people to resell products using their social networks. They were in the Summer 2016 batch of YC and you can check them out at

Is Meesho selling fake products?

🥷 Shelly Sarah | Answered July 15, 2021 |

The first information report (FIR) filed with Lucknow’s Wazirganj police station on January 24, 2021 names Meesho founders Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, and alleges that the platform sold counterfeit Rolex watches and GUCCI apparel.30 Jan 2021

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Does Meesho refund money?

🥷 Maxine Glenda | Answered September 24, 2020 |

Meesho provides an ‘all return option’ to its users, wherein users will be able to enjoy certain privileges on a specific product for payment of a premium on the product cost.

Returns, Refunds and Replacement Policy.
Refund Method Refund Time Frame
Cash on Delivery (Refund to Bank Account) 3-7 Business Days after updating the bank account details

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Is Shopify a fake website?

🥷 Kay Casey | Answered November 2, 2021 |

Shopify has its own portion of false retailers and fraudulent activity. Here is how to stay safe when using Shopify. Ecommerce platforms made it possible for small businesses to have a wider market and reach customers beyond their location and borders through their online stores.5 Nov 2020

Does Shopify sell fakes?

🥷 Amy Ernestine | Answered September 22, 2021 |

Forbes recently shared a study from Fakespot that noted roughly 20% of Shopify sites are fake. “Scammers seeking to exploit consumers through Shopify will usually start by knocking off popular products found on Amazon, other Shopify sites, or Kickstarter.23 Apr 2021

Is Shopify available in India?

🥷 Marion Heather | Answered November 15, 2020 |

Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform that anyone can use to create and power online stores, has announced its entry into the e-commerce market space in India in partnership with SingTel, by launching Jun 2013

What happens if I get scammed on Shopify?

🥷 Marion Marsha | Answered June 22, 2021 |

Contact your payment provider and dispute the charge. If the company is behaving suspiciously and you used a credit card you could pursue a chargeback. Contact Mei 2019

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