How do you find out what Shopify apps a website is using?


By using a trusted Shopify app detector or Shopify plugin detector, sellers can visit competitor stores and with the click of a button, easily find out what Shopify apps there are on that specific store. From there, you can go on the Shopify search app to find it and use it for your own store.

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How do I find out what app is using a website?

How To Spy On Shopify Stores: The Top 6 Spy Apps For Dropshippers In 2022
  1. Koala Inspector. The Koala Inspector extension is the number one app for spying on Shopify stores. …
  2. Ecomhunt. …
  3. Commerce Inspector. …
  4. PowerAdSpy. …
  5. MY AD FINDER. …
  6. Shopify Spy – Shopify Store Parser & Scraper.

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How do I spy on Shopify apps?

You’ll just want to go to the home page of your Shopify Admin, and scroll down so you can see the Activity section in the right hand side menu. Click on View all recent activity, and scroll down to see if you’re able to see the adding/removal of the apps on your store.2 Okt 2018

How do I see my app history in Shopify?

To search for the Shopify stores, type “” text in the search field and hit the Search button. Make sure to include the quotes for the phrase since the search will be more accurate in this case. Once a search is complete, you will see the list of the websites.
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