How do Shopify partners make money?


🥷 Ellen Harmon | Answered September 12, 2020 |

Shopify Plus Partners

A recurring commission equal to 20% of the merchant’s monthly subscription fee. Recurs monthly as long as the merchant remains a paying Shopify customer and you remain an active Shopify Partner. A recurring commission equal to 20% of the merchant’s monthly subscription fee.

For information about how you can earn money in the Shopify Partner Program, refer to Shopify Partner earnings. As a Shopify Partner, you can earn recurring commission payments for referrals and Shopify Plus upgrades. These payments recur monthly as long as you’re an active Shopify Partner.

I will create a 30k per month one product Shopify dropshiping store!

Within the last 3 years, Shopify dropshipping has changed alot. And currently, the best way to make money is by building a branded one product Shopify store with a winning product. Being only 1 product... Read More

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Shopify Development Services

Launch a new Shopify online store or improve your current e-commerce business:

Shopify Full Website Creation Services
Sell with confidence with developers to build your Shopify store

Shopify Customization Services
Edit, customize & optimize your Shopify with help from expert developers

Shopify Performance & Security Services
Maintain peak performance, while putting your Shopify site's safety first

Shopify Theme/Plugin Installation Services
Keep customers engaged with customized themes & plugins for your Shopify site

Shopify Bug Fixes Services
Exterminate Shopify bugs with ease with help from Shopify freelance experts

Shopify Help/Consultation Services
Don't go it alone. Find admin services to run & optimize your Shopify site

Shopify Backup & Migration Services
Migrate your Shopify site to another host, or get a backup from a skilled developer

How does Shopify Partner work?

🥷 Jenna Franklin | Answered June 18, 2020

As a Shopify Partner, you earn a commission based on the merchant’s subscription fee. You’ll continue to earn this commission for as long as the merchant is a Shopify customer and you are an active Shopify Partner. We calculate your commission based on invoices paid by the merchant.

Does it cost money to be a Shopify Partner?

🥷 Joanne Barnett | Answered March 28, 2020

The Shopify Partner Program is free to join and lets you experiment with the Shopify platform through unlimited test stores. For every client you refer, theme you design, or app you build, you’ll receive ongoing monthly income from Shopify.

What does it mean to be a Shopify plus partner?

🥷 Faith Davis | Answered March 2, 2021

Partners in the Shopify Plus Partner Program provide Shopify merchants with a variety of end-to-end business solutions, such as: Custom website development. Migration from other platforms. Marketing, branding, and ongoing strategy. UX and design.

What is the primary way you plan to make money as a Shopify Partner?

🥷 Betty Osborne | Answered February 1, 2021

There are three definite ways to earn money through the Shopify Partner Program: By creating and publishing themes in the Shopify Theme Store; By creating and publishing apps in the Shopify App Store; By referring online merchants to use the Shopify platform.Feb 17, 2021

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How much do Shopify experts make?

🥷 Donna Daniels | Answered August 17, 2021

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $146,500 and as low as $20,000, the majority of Shopify Expert salaries currently range between $56,500 (25th percentile) to $120,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $140,000 annually across the United States.

What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify partners?

🥷 Tracy Scott | Answered August 24, 2021

Shopify Partners are the active members of the Shopify Partner program, which allows entrepreneurs to earn money by recommending Shopify to others, creating themes and apps, or simply by posting affiliate links on their website.Dec 10, 2019

How many Shopify partners are there?

🥷 Ellen Gross | Answered July 29, 2021

Currently, Shopify Plus has 65 technology partners and 127 service partners (51 agencies and 76 solutions). Like the platform itself, the partner program is an exclusive community.May 18, 2022

How do you become a Shopify plus partner?

🥷 Bernadette Watson | Answered April 29, 2021

How to qualify for the Shopify Plus Partner Program
  1. Your business has proven experience working with high growth enterprise merchants.
  2. Your business is considered to be a thought leader in commerce and is identified in the public market as such.

How does Shopify earn money?

🥷 Marjorie Burgess | Answered May 22, 2021

Shopify makes money through subscription solutions via the sale of subscriptions to its platform, including variable platform fees, through the sale of subscriptions to its POS Pro offering, the sale of themes, the sale of apps, and the registration of domain names.Mar 18, 2022

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