How do I downgrade my Shopify plan?


🥷 Glenda Chambers | Answered July 19, 2020 |

You can downgrade to the Lite plan in the admin by going to Settings > Account (or Plan and Permissions) > Compare plans. On the Compare plans page, you’ll see an option to remove your online store at the top of the page.14 Nov 2019
From the Shopify app, go to Store > Settings . In the Store settings section, tap Plan . If your store is on a free trial when you upgrade your plan, then you won’t lose any store information, and the length of your free trial remains the same. The upgrade takes effect immediately.

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How to Change Shopify Plan – Cancel, Pause, Downgrade,…

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How do I change my Shopify package?

🥷 Bertha Holloway | Answered September 26, 2021

In the Store settings section, tap Plan.
  1. From the Plan page, click Change Plan in the Plan details section.
  2. Review the currently available plans, and then click Choose plan.
  3. Select a billing cycle and payment method, and then review the plan details, billing date, and plan charges.
  4. Click Start plan.

How do I cancel my Shopify payment plan?

🥷 Donna Salazar | Answered April 18, 2021

Log in to Shopify as the account owner. Cancel any paid-for apps on the Apps page, then go to your admin panel by clicking Settings. Go to Domains and transfer custom domains away from Shopify. Then go to Plan, click Deactivate store, and follow the prompts.16 Mar 2022

What is the cheapest Shopify plan?

🥷 Essie Holloway | Answered November 21, 2021

‘Basic Shopify’ pricing. ‘Basic Shopify’, at $29 per month, is the cheapest Shopify plan which enables you to create a fully functional, standalone online store.5 Mei 2022

How do I remove Shopify store and start over?

🥷 Kristen Oliver | Answered December 20, 2020

Shopify does not have a Delete/wipe option, but there are things you can do to start again. You can use the Bulk Actions to delete any products/collections/customers/ pages.. Then delete shipping rates, apps or orders but if you have just been playing around there is likely not much to remove in this manner.11 Agu 2019

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How do I get to my Shopify admin page?

🥷 Mamie Curtis | Answered December 16, 2020

You can access the Shopify organization admin by logging in to a store in your organization, and then using the global navigation menu to access and manage components of your organization, such as users and stores.

What happens when you void a label on Shopify?

🥷 Shelly Hamilton | Answered October 27, 2021

After you void a shipping label, the cost of the label is credited to your account. This amount is applied to the cost of any shipping labels that you buy in the future. If the package has been shipped, then contact the carrier with the package reference number for help.

Is Shopify shipping expensive?

🥷 Darla Watkins | Answered June 5, 2020

What is the cheapest shipping method? Shopify Shipping is one of the more affordable shipping methods. The service works with major carriers to provide you with discounted rates for shipping. Available carriers are USPS, UPS, DHL Express, Canada Post, and Sendle to help your packages arrive safe and on time.2 Jun 2021

How does Shopify billing work?

🥷 Leticia West | Answered September 19, 2020

If the total of your third-party transaction fees and other outstanding charges is below your billing thresholds, then your account is billed at the end of your 30-day billing period. If you change your store’s Shopify subscription plan, then you’re billed for any outstanding and prorated amounts.

Can I get a refund from Shopify subscription?

🥷 Lorena Ramirez | Answered September 28, 2020

No refunds

As outlined in their service policy and terms, Shopify doesn’t issue refunds. They do have an option for a free trial with no requirement for a credit card. In that case, you don’t have to worry about charges if you cancel during the trial.

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