How do I automatically add tags in Shopify?


Automatically Add Tags To Product in Shopify by Using Arigato Automation
  1. Add a “NEW” tag for new products and remove that tag after a couple weeks.
  2. Add tags based on product pricing.
  3. Add tags based on product vendor or product type.
  4. Add tags based on search terms in the product description.

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Can customers see tags on Shopify?

Product tags alone don’t do much for SEO. They are just a way to organize products inside of Shopify and in some Shopify themes aren’t ever shown on the page, making them invisible to customers and Google. Now, if you use them on your product page or link to your tagged collections pages they might impact SEO.

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What are customer tags?

Customer tags are internal identifiers that you can use to categorize your customers. Common customer tags include residential, commercial, or referral. Keep in mind that customer tags are private meaning that your customers will not see them.

Can you add tags to variants Shopify?

Have a store that sells items by size, color or other variant options? The Variant Tagger is an app that allows you to add tags to your products based on what variants are in stock. For example say you have a product that is available in Red, Green and Blue.
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