Do customers see your Shopify store name?


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🥷 Darla Gwendolyn | Answered December 16, 2020 |

It’s important to understand that your store name is what is displayed in the browser – the one your customers see on your page. This name can be easily changed within a few seconds in your Shopify admin – there’s no need to open a new account.

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Can people see Shopify address?

🥷 Casey Marsha | Answered December 22, 2020 |

Your store address will not be visible anywhere on your online store unless you manually enter it on a page! The address you have set as your shipping origin under Settings > Shipping, however, will be displayed on the shipping label if you purchase it from Shopify.18 Okt 2019

How do I hide my Shopify store from public?

🥷 Megan Ernestine | Answered October 25, 2020 |

If you don’t see it, or if you’d like to make sure that your shop is, in fact, password-protected, go to Online store > Preferences > Password protect. You can then check off “Enable password” to keep your shop hidden from the public while you continue building.10 Nov 2020

Do Shopify stores show up on Google?

🥷 Wanda Lorene | Answered October 25, 2020 |

There could be several reasons why your online store isn’t showing up in search engine results: Your online store is too new. Search engines regularly index new sites, but if your site is new, then it might not have been indexed yet. You can try to speed the process by submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console.

Does my Shopify store Need a domain name?

🥷 Danielle Mae | Answered September 24, 2020 |

Your domain name and matching IP address are called your DNS Record. Should I Register My Domain Name Through Shopify? Now we know that we need to have a domain name in order to build a website.19 Mei 2021

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Can I change my Shopify store name?

🥷 Viola Bernadette | Answered March 10, 2021 |

Changing your store name on Shopify is easy to do. Start by clicking “Settings” in the bottom left side of your screen, and then choosing “General”. There will then be a section with the heading “Store details”. There you can change the name to your desired alternative.22 Feb 2022

How do I remove my address from Shopify?

🥷 Lorena Jennifer | Answered November 27, 2020 |

Click Delete location.
  1. From the Shopify app, go to Store > Settings > Locations.
  2. Tap the deactivated location that you want to delete.
  3. Tap Delete location.

What is your Shopify store name?

🥷 Antonia Jane | Answered June 10, 2021 |

Your Shopify storefront address is the name of your store, followed by . This is the default address Shopify provides you with when you first open your store and can be replaced by connecting a domain name in the future.

How do I remove my address from Shopify slip?

🥷 Maxine Megan | Answered February 5, 2021 |

here are the steps:
  1. go to settings.
  2. Go to Shipping and Delivery.
  3. Go to Packing Slip and click Edit.
  4. Delete lines 178-179 (those were the lines for me, idk if its the same as everyone else)
  5. Click preview to make sure that your home address is deleted.
  6. Click Save.
  7. DONE!
5 Jun 2017

Can you make a Shopify store private?

🥷 Judith Irma | Answered August 21, 2020 |

From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Preferences. Scroll to the Password protection area, and check Enable password. In Password, enter the password that you’ll give to the customers who you want to be able to access your online store.26 Jul 2019

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