Can I hire someone to design my Shopify store?


I will create a 30k per month one product Shopify dropshiping store!

Within the last 3 years, Shopify dropshipping has changed alot. And currently, the best way to make money is by building a branded one product Shopify store with a winning product. Being only 1 product... Read More

🥷 Minnie Roxanne | Answered September 25, 2021 |

Can I pay someone to set up my Shopify store? Yes, you can hire a Shopify expert or developer to build and design your Shopify store for you.8 Feb 2021

Shopify Development Services

Launch a new Shopify online store or improve your current e-commerce business:

Shopify Full Website Creation Services
Sell with confidence with developers to build your Shopify store

Shopify Customization Services
Edit, customize & optimize your Shopify with help from expert developers

Shopify Performance & Security Services
Maintain peak performance, while putting your Shopify site's safety first

Shopify Theme/Plugin Installation Services
Keep customers engaged with customized themes & plugins for your Shopify site

Shopify Bug Fixes Services
Exterminate Shopify bugs with ease with help from Shopify freelance experts

Shopify Help/Consultation Services
Don't go it alone. Find admin services to run & optimize your Shopify site

Shopify Backup & Migration Services
Migrate your Shopify site to another host, or get a backup from a skilled developer


How much does it cost to have a Shopify website built?

🥷 Mamie Kay | Answered August 10, 2021 |

Show plan features Hide plan features
Plan feature Basic Shopify
Monthly price $29$29 per month USD /mo $79$79 per month USD /mo
Online Store Includes ecommerce website and blog. Yes Yes
Unlimited products Yes Yes

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Do you need a web designer for Shopify?

🥷 Betty Glenda | Answered May 27, 2021 |

Design a Shopify Theme

Shopify is designer friendly, so you can use any text editor to edit all template files and assets. At anytime you can sync your changes to your live store and test your new design. To begin building your website, all you need is a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Can I design my own website on Shopify?

🥷 Antonia Casey | Answered October 5, 2020 |

Shopify has the easiest website builder. It includes everything you need to make a website and start selling online. It’s easy to choose a template, add new products or services, and start an online business quickly.20 Feb 2021

Is it worth it to hire a Shopify expert?

🥷 Ebony Faith | Answered March 12, 2021 |

To save your time and efforts, hiring an expert is the best choice. Since they know what works on Shopify and what doesn’t, Shopify experts can help you a lot. Of course, hiring an expert can help you save your time so that you can focus on other business activities.

How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes…

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Do I need a Shopify developer?

🥷 Irma Lucia | Answered December 28, 2021 |

If you don’t have any developing experience yourself, you should let an expert handle the development side of things. Hiring a developer will enable you to spend more time on building other parts of your business. Shopify developers specialize in web development for Shopify websites exclusively.13 Des 2019

How much does it cost to hire someone to build an eCommerce website?

🥷 Cristina Bridget | Answered August 3, 2020 |

The overall cost of a custom website development could start from $1500 to $6000 for an average-sized eCommerce business. An enterprise-level custom theme with its own companion plugins can cost from $10,000 to $30,000. Shopify offers ready-made templates that you can use as a starting point for your eCommerce store.1 Jan 2022

How long does it take to set up a Shopify website?

🥷 Minnie Adrienne | Answered May 16, 2020 |

The whole process of setting up a shop in Shopify will take you anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes depending on how much you already know about the business you’re starting. However, the whole planning process may take days if not weeks.11 Mei 2021

Can I build my Shopify store for free?

🥷 Ebony Lucia | Answered November 9, 2021 |

Your Shopify plan includes a free, built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. This means your customers can browse and buy from your store while on the go, using any mobile phone!

How much do Shopify freelancers make?

🥷 Phyllis Susan | Answered January 12, 2020 |

While on average, freelance developer rates are $61-80 for full-stack developers, Shopify developer rates can start at $65 per hour.27 Apr 2022

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